Hi ya’ll, Yankee Prepper Here…    So, your wondering what is a Prepper. . Ya'll Can be a Prepper Too!.


Yankee Definition:  A Prepper is someone who wants to be prepared for what they believe to be an unpleasant future situation they may find themselves in. Preppers want to plan for these events and prepare for them as to minimize any hardship. Preppers believe how a person reacts to a personal disaster can reflect who they are. They also believe how a person prepares for future disasters can reflect who they will become!


Do you have the insight to be a good Prepper?

If you answer yes to the following question you might be a Prepper.


A Prepper Test

Have you prepared yourself for this natural disaster?

Test question; do you have a plunger in every bathroom in your home?

If you do, congratulations you are prepared to stop a dodo disaster!

Congratulations you have the foresight to become a great Prepper!

If you do not.... Take advice from those who have experience… Get PREPARED!


 A Preppers Main Focus should be Gaining knowledge & perfecting skills!


Top Ten ways you can become a better Prepper

Revised from Yankee Prepper


1-      Faith – There is no greater teacher than our belief in deity. Faith is called the most powerful and universal trait of all survivors in history. Those who have lived through horrific events all across the world have common stories. These true Survivors have a strong belief in God; they humble themselves and give grace to God for their existence. What a great experience it could be if we have our lantern and humility.


2-    Knowledge & Skills - You need to learn to do things yourself. Try not to hire things out. If you are unable, at least learn how things are done. Learning survival skills in your day to day life can be as easy as fixing a flat tire or how to properly clean a minor wound to prevent serious infection.


3-     Health – General Physical & Mental wellness. Be an active healthy person. Learn how to be and stay healthy. Learn about nutrition, herbs and natural wellness rather than pharmaceutical pills when possible. Our body has a miraculous immune and healing system. We need to nourish our body with wholesome Foods so it can do its job in keeping us strong and healthy.


4-     Start with 1 Month off Grid – Be able to live in your home comfortably, for any given month, without going out or anyone coming to your rescue, Be prepared if your home does not have any electricity, gas, water, sewer, phone or internet. Completely off grid having enough food, water & shelter to live happy and healthy with your entire family.


5-     Grow Food & Preserve it – No need to be a farmer, just practice with small gardens or indoor growing. You must know how to preserve food yourself; you should practice it in your daily routine.


6-     Cook – Must know how to cook your food, eating for nutrition and economic hard times.


7-     Preppers don’t hide like jungle survivalists or militant groups.  Preppers do not focus on army tactic skills to acquire things they may need during difficult times. Preppers have what they need. (Regretful note: if you’re among the few fools who think having guns will allow you to take things from those who are prepared. You are gravely mistaken… Preppers have bullets too!) Preppers prep for personal happiness and security.


8-     Close Friends – Preppers have like minded friends. Not face book social groups but friends in the real world they can turn to for help and share life skills together. Preppers are actively helping others; they make friends with the community, and encourage others.


9-     Good Relationships – Preppers know their neighbors, they are courteous and giving people. They respect their neighbors and can communicate intelligently with all social, economic, religious and ethnic groups. Preppers are primarily peacemakers yet be forewarned; they are not pushovers and will not be taken advantage of.


10-   Happy & Hopeful – Don't become a Doomsday Prepper! You'll recognize a good Prepper because they do not instill fear! Preppers share personal experiences that create good feelings of hope. They also talk with conviction and strength giving comfort and security that comes from someone who is prepared for whatever comes their way. Preppers do the things today… that they cannot do tomorrow.




Yankee’s final comment:


Many of us grew up with an interest in personal survival skills, possibly bought some food storage and a couple how-to books or watched videos, but didn't ever actually do or try any of the things being taught.


For whatever reason many good people are finally "getting off the couch". They realize prepping is a lifestyle change; it’s a hobby and a source of confidence.  Researching and completing self reliance projects opens a whole new world for them. Preppers gain practical skills, piece of mind and create a problem resistant lifestyle all at the same time.


Preppers have found that a lifestyle built on emergency preparedness to be extremely valuable as well as fun to be self sufficient. At the end of a hard day building something, they can take pride in their new skills; take ownership because they built it or grew it.  Besides that, some of their food recipes are even pretty tasty…


Please join us at the Uintah County Library. Like minded people learning skills and building relationships that will insure safety and well being.


As I always say "Ya’ll can be a Prepper Too"

We are looking for like minded Preppers to teach and be taught better life skills. If your interested in participating in monthly meetings and have teaching skills, life experiences to share, or learning abilities please sign up so we can notify you of up coming times and places. Business sponsors welcome contact Brent@BasinClean.com or 789-5888.


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Last Class


Emergency Preparedness Classes June 28th & 29th

Jim Phillips with Safe Harbor Alliance will be teaching several of his courses in just two days.

You’ll not want to miss these classes! Mark your calendar and Tell your Friends.

Jim Phillips Is A World-Class Sub-Zero Survival Guru. He is one of the world's expert self reliance and preparedness teachers and trainers.

Jim will be in Vernal Friday June 28th & Saturday 29th at the

 Uintah County Library

Free to the Public – Thanks to our Sponsors


Meet Jim one-on-one at Basin Home Survival Friday from 2:00-3:00 pm

Then at Uintah County Library for the following classes.

Friday 28th 4:00-6:00pm   Module #1 Foundation   
Saturday 29th 9:00-11:00am  
Module #2 Clothing  
Saturday 29th 12:00-2:00pm
 Module #3 Water      
Saturday 29th 2:00-4:00pm    
Module #4 Sanitation


Each of the 2-hour blocks will contain 1.5-hour lectures and 1/2-hour question and answers.

They will be a condensed version of the complete module. Many of these classes are available FREE on line by visiting www.safeharboralliance.com.

The Nine Core Preparedness Modules are Part of a Process

By breaking it into “Nine Core Preparedness Modules” and understanding the order of priority within each module, the process becomes not only doable, but also enjoyable – This is because people who take responsibility for their present and future well-being are excited about themselves and life.

Structure The nine modules give you an organized structure where you can focus your efforts on the things you need to: 1) Learn, 2) Do, and 3) Have.  These three areas (Learn, Do & Have) must be understood and fulfilled in a synergistic relationship with each other in order for you to build a self-reliant lifestyle. In the process you will find it much easier to help others do the same.

Gaining Knowledge and Understanding It  is vital to grasp the concept that, “What you know is far more important than what you own”.  Material possessions are of great importance, but without the proper knowledge and understanding they will be rendered less effective, if not completely useless.

1 FOUNDATION: Unchanging Principles and Truths – This must be the umbrella for everything.  It is vital to base everything within these nine areas upon a clear understanding of unchanging truths and principles.  Without this foundation, as the stress in all areas around you increases, everything, including yourself, will crumble. 

2 CLOTHING:  Personal Portable Shelter– Clothing is your first, most important and most reliable line of defense against the elements.  Proper clothing is not about looks or style.  It is about long-term comfort, safety and durability, no matter what conditions you are exposed to.

3 WATERThe Liquid of Life – You are a creature of water.  Without an adequate supply of clean, sanitary water you will suffer stress and great discomfort within hours; injury and death will follow in very few days.  You must be properly prepared for when the pipes run dry, no matter how long that may be. 

4 SANITATION:  The Hidden Disaster– If you get this wrong, you die.  When our modern infrastructure fails, the issues and needs surrounding all areas of sanitation are grossly overlooked and underestimated.  Disease, pestilence, suffering and death quickly become epidemic when sanitation breaks down within households, communities and whole societies.  History has repeatedly demonstrated this fact.

5 NUTRITIONYou Are What You Eat and Drink – This is the key to your health and strength before, during and after a disaster.  Food and drink are also the easiest and most common way of damaging your body, mind and soul.  Things consumed as food and drinks are not by default nutritious.  Nutrition only happens through willful educated choices. 

6 SHELTERThere Can Be Great Value In Coming Inside – At times and for many reasons shelter, in its multiple and various forms, contributes to and supports all of the other eight areas.  Shelter can contribute directly to comfort, safety, security, rest, recreation and overall well-being. 

7 WELLNESSVitality of the Mind, Body and Soul – Wellness is far more than just not being sick.  To some degree, it is about all six of the different creatures that are in our makeup: spiritual, mental, emotional, intellectual, physical and social.  To achieve true vibrant well-being, all of these “six-creatures” must be nurtured in balance against a background of safety and protection for every situation.  

8 TOOLSTo Repair, Maintain, Support and Create– Tools synergistically support all nine modules.  They are far more diverse than just shovels, hammers and saws.  Fire itself is a tool.  Transportation, in its various forms, is also a tool, as is light when it’s dark.  The diversity of the tools we create and our propensity for them, as much as anything else, separates us from all other creatures.

9 SUPPLIESItems Used, Consumed and Replenished– From the everyday common to the less obvious, there is a plethora of different supplies utilized within all nine modules.  The type, quantity and variety of supplies will vary somewhat for each individual household and situation.  However, without an adequate supply of the necessities of life, we will perish.  Beyond the bare necessities there are many consumables that make life much more tolerable, even enjoyable.