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Why is buying from Basin Clean less expensive than the box stores?

Quality + Quantity + Price = Better Value!

We are in business because our customers have educated themselves on several of the ways box stores manipulate marketing to improve their profits at your expense. Resizing is one of the easiest ways they can increase their profits and attempt to do so without you noticing. Large retail stores have the ability to require manufactures to make a product that looks exactly like its original yet make their product a smaller quantity or reduce the quality. In addition they make the manufacture only sell this new product to them eliminating any non corporate competition. Think I’m full of it? See examples by clicking on the buyer beware photo.


We do not want to be misleading and have you think we are cheaper than box store prices on all our products. We are very proud to be more expensive when it comes to Quality products especially those made in the USA! Our best example is the USA made Riccar Vacuums. In addition did you know Rubbermaid makes a residential line of products that look similar to the commercial products? Our mop buckets have rubber not plastic wheels, real gears and bearings not washers along with thicker sturdier bodies built to last and not crack the first time it rolls over a crack in the cement.

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