Why Now?

We do not believe in the great doomsday theory.

We believe in being prepared for any natural disaster that may arise. Uintah Basin offers much safety compared to the more populated cities. Therefore; consider if the Wasatch Front were to have a major earthquake. Where are your friends and loved ones going to live? We recommend creating a family "safe House" they can seek refuge if needed. What better place than your home in the Uintah Basin!

Our purpose is to help you stock your home to provide for yourself, loved ones and others, if and when needed. We recommend sending those you care about survival kits that would help them travel to your designated safe house.

Why Wise?

We chose to feature Wise Quality Prepared Meals because of their great tasting gourmet food. They are unwilling to cut corners just to make a buck! When you compare their nutritional content and caloric intake to the other value meals, you’ll notice all the others will simply leave you STARVING! I’m a big guy and don’t plan on eating petite size portions if I can help it.

You can buy food storage everywhere these days - on the internet and from you friend trying to make a buck by saving you a buck, unknowing selling you short on quality.

We buy direct from the best Utah manufacture at their lowest truckload prices. No reason to pay shipping charges or even worse buy from those guys who simply hide the UPS charges by making their products cheaper and useless to us in our time of need.

Don’t commit to monthly contracts and shipping arrangements. Stop by our store and pick up a 72 Hour Kit and taste for yourself.

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Basin Cleaning Systems
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Help Wanted

We are in need of your expertise, products or services that could be consigned in our store.

In addition we are looking for leaders to help organize local informational classes and networking opportunities for like minded people.

 Brent - 789-5888

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