Buy Bulk & Save

Our Prices are less than Wal-mart & Costco!

2 Ply Toilet Paper

500 sheets per roll

96 rolls per case

48,000 sheets per case

Compare the Box Store TP

(equal quantity of sheets)

Marathon $52.96 per case

Kirkland $56.49 per case

Angel Soft $66.31 per case

White Cloud $79.95 per case

Charmin $151.52 per case

Our Price

Heavenly Choice dbl ply $39.99 per case

2-ply Pacifica $49.95 per case

2-ply Optima 440 $56.25 per case

2-ply Re-nature $59.95 per case

2-ply Optima 550 $69.95 per case

HD Laundry Detergent

Concentrated Powder, use only 1/4 cup

50lb box only $28.00

We also sell 50 lb boxes of industrial powder bleach 2x the strength of Clorox! Plus 50 bags of Sodium Percarbonate and Soda beads for deep laundry cleaning and whitening.

Garbage Can Liners

Compare our prices to anyone!

13 Gal as low as .04c each

33 Gal as low as .09c each

56 Gal as low as .17c each

Quantity = 100 to 1000 per case

Other items priced less when you buy bulk or concentrated products.

Premium MP-Cleaner $13.00 per concentrate gallon. Makes up to 128 gallons of ready to use cleaner.

Hospital grade disinfectant cleaner $18.00 per concentrate gallon. Makes up to 128 gallons of ready to use disinfecting cleaner.

Mold & fungi cleaning product plus the best quality Bug Killers from ants to cockroaches.

Many other items sold in bulk such as foam bowls, cups & plates, plastic knives, forks, spoons & wrap, banquet paper, portion cups and to-go containers.